How much does a staging cost?

Our staging fees vary depending on the size of the home as well as the amount of furnishings needed. There is a $200.00 design consultation fee. This however, will be credited towards your 2-month lease if you decide to use Tracy Banks & Associates for staging.

What is a design consultation?

While keeping in mind the surrounding external environment and profiles of prospective buyers, a design consultation includes review of the entire home, with suggestions the homeowner can do on their own to raise the overall value of the property. Should you choose to go forward with staging, we would then follow up with a formal staging proposal.

What is included in a staging proposal?

A staging proposal for Tracy Banks & Associates includes: our design solutions on a room-to-room basis, recommended preparation work, timing considerations, and costs for a minimum of two months, which is comprised of our design fee, rental furniture and their installation, interior plants, floral arrangements, and plant care.

Where do you get all of your accessories and furnishings?

We own thousands of accessories including artwork, lamps, mirrors, books, tapestries, bedding, towels, bath accessories, kitchen accessories, children's accessories, decorative pillows, throws, and other objects d'art. We also work with several high-end furniture rental companies whose collections include Old World, Classic, Country French, and Contemporary to name a few.

Are any of your furnishings or accessories for sale?

For our larger furnishings, our vendors are usually open to discuss selling a specific item. We are always happy to ask them if they are willing to sell the piece to you. Since we own all of our accessories, our clients are always welcome to purchase items of interest.

Do you sell your orchid arrangements and plants?

We at Tracy Banks & Associates pride ourselves in creating beautiful blooming orchid arrangements that are uniquely tailored for each individual home. Both the orchid arrangements and plants are leased for the duration of the staging contract, leaving them for use in staging. If you would like to keep the orchids or plants, a purchase can be arranged.

How long does the actual staging process take?

Depending on the size and stature of your home, we usually require a minimum of one to three business days. In some cases, where our client's timing is limited, we have been able to stage a home in less than a day.

Is it possible to live in a staged home?

Yes, it is possible to live in a staged home. We only ask that you try to leave your home in its newly "staged" condition throughout the duration of the sale in order to ensure you have the best chance of selling quickly and at the price you want.

What happens when my staging contract expires?

When a lease for Tracy Banks & Associates expires, we will contact you to schedule a pick up of our furnishings and accessories. We also understand that circumstances change and you might need to extend the staging contract. In that case, we will then set up a month-to-month contract for the continued use of our furnishings, accessories, and plants until you give us notice and set a date for us to breakdown the staging.